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Our philosophy


Belgian land focuses on the development, in partnership, of affordable housing in Belgium.

Belgian Land is a limited liability company ("SA") under Belgian law incorporated by Bank Degroof-Petercam and the real estate advisor CBRE.

The activities of Belgian Land started in March 2013, pursuant to the capital investment of almost 55 million euro through private placement.

This initiative is based on the acknowledgment of the strong economic, social and demographic evolution in most of the large urban areas in Belgium.

The strategy of Belgian consists of investing in affordable residential development projects in partnership. Projects of interest are those targeting a population with average purchasing power in the large cities.

Belgian Land is taking a position as an active partner in each project. With an operational team, Belgian Land leads the development of their projects, from the conception to the sale of the last unit.

Quality Homes for Everyone

The objective of Belgian Land is to provide access for every citizen to quality housing at affordable pricing. Our ambition is to become the privileged partner of residential developers targeting a population with average purchase power.

Belgian Land will strive to develop pleasant space to live. Trough innovative ways of developing, new housing will be made more attractive and more efficient. While the need to densify city housing might result in the use of smaller floor areas per dwelling, we will always have the long-term well-being of our inhabitants in mind.

We are conscious of environmental concerns, technical evolutions and mobility constraints. We wish to adhere to a policy of sustainability by reconciling economic efficiency, social balance and environmental quality.

We want our projects to be harmoniously integrated in the urban landscape. Our projects will mainly be located in the center of the large Belgian cities. 

The board of Directors:

  • Erol Kandiyoti (Chairman)
  • Maxime Kumpen
  • Jean-Baptiste Van Ex
  • Dominique Labay

The Management Committee:

  • Emilie Rousseaux (President)
  • Marc Bandella
  • André Bosmans
  • Vincent Doumier (Independent member of the board)
  • Claude Kandiyoti
  • Igal Kandiyoti
  • Maxime Kumpen
  • Eric Verbeeck (Independent member of the board)

Consulting Vote

  • Jean-Baptiste Van Ex
  • Dominique Labay
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Emilie Rousseaux

Emilie Rousseaux

Phone : +32 (0)2 643 33 95
Mobile : +32 (0)477 45 54 17
Pierre Vandevelde

Pierre Vandevelde

Finance Manager
Phone : +32 (0)2 643 33 96
Mobile : +32 (0)494 12 50 33
Olivia Jean

Olivia Jean

Commercial Manager
Phone : +32 (0)2 643 33 91
Mobile : +32 (0)477 28 35 75
Fabian Lenoble

Fabian Lenoble

Technical Director
Phone : +32 (0)2 643 33 93
Mobile : +32 (0)477 59 61 59
Vincent  Doumier

Vincent Doumier

Member of executive commitee
André  Bosmans

André Bosmans

Member of Executive Commitee
Florence Ghysels

Florence Ghysels

Account Manager
Phone : +32 (0)2 643 33 97
Mobile : +32 (0)492 14 12 63

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1000 Brussels

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